Domiciliary care providers

Harrogate Care at Home are a registered domiciliary care provider. We are registered with the North Yorkshire County Council and the Primary Care Trust as a domiciliary care provider and provide a wide range of domiciliary services in the Harrogate area.

What should you look for when researching a domiciliary care provider?

  • Reliability; will the carer turn up at the time specified? We do, even in the snow!
  • Can the carer do everything that you or your relative requires? We discuss this with you in advance and agree on what will be done.
  • How long has the domiciliary care provider been running? Harrogate Care at Home has 11 years of experience of providing quality home care.
  • What Care Quality Commission rating has been awarded to the care provider? The CQC has again awarded us a 3 star EXCELLENT rating.
  • Would existing clients recommend the domiliary care provider? 97% would recommend Harrogate Care at Home to a friend or neighbour needing care.

If you would like to find out more about what domiciliary care services are available, please contact us on 01423 538886.

Domiciliary care Harrogate

Harrogate Care at Home are specialists in providing domiciliary care in the Harrogate area to personally suit you. We provide a wide range of domiciliary care services including cleaning, preparing meals, bathing – and even assistance with hospital visits.

Domiciliary care (meaning care at home) is adapted to fit each of our individual clients. We can arrange once daily visits for half an hour or an hour, or we can visit many times during the day – for example, to help with getting out of bed, making light meals, bathing and then returning to bed in the evening. Please discuss whatever is required with us and we will create a visit schedule to personally suit you.


Please contact us to discuss your relative’s requirements for our domiciliary care service on Harrogate 01423 538886.