Philosophy of care

Harrogate Care at Home aims to provide a consistently high standard of client-centred home care to all who require it in the Harrogate area. We want everything we do in Harrogate Care at Home to be driven by the needs, abilities and aspirations of our clients – not by what the staff, management or any other group might desire. We are committed to providing a total range of care, in collaboration with all appropriate agencies, that will meet the overall personal and health care needs and preferences of our clients.

Our services are delivered by well-trained, experienced, supervised, supported and motivated staff, and place particular emphasis on the following principles:


Clients’ Rights

We place the rights of our clients at the forefront of our philosophy of care. We seek to advance these rights in all aspects of the environment and the services we provide, and to encourage our clients to exercise their rights to the full. Every possible effort is made to protect clients’ legal rights and to protect our clients from any form of abuse.



We strive to preserve respect for our clients’ intrinsic value by treating each client as a special and valued individual, helping them to present themselves to others as they would wish, tackling the stigma from which they may suffer through age, disability or status, and compensating for any effects of disabilities which clients may experience in their communication, physical functioning, mobility or appearance.



We understand that the need to accept help with personal tasks can be inherently invasive to our clients’ ability to enjoy the pleasure of being alone and undisturbed. We ensure that our clients can retain as much privacy as possible by offering discreet help in intimate situations, guaranteeing their privacy when using the telephone, opening and reading post and communicating with others, and ensuring that all information held about clients is kept strictly confidential.



Wheverever possible, we maximise the abilities our clients retain for self-care, independent interaction with others, and carrying out the tasks of daily living unaided. We help our clients to take reasonable and fully thought-out risks, and promote possibilities for them to establish and retain contacts beyond their own home. Clients are encouraged to have access to and to contribute to the records of their own care.


Equal Opportunity and Civil Rights

We work to ensure that our clients maintain their place in society as fully participating and benefiting citizens in terms of voting and receiving full and equal access to all elements of the National Health Service, welfare benefits, social services and public services. We facilitate clients in contributing to society through volunteering, helping each other and taking on roles involving responsibility within and beyond the home. Harrogate Care at Home is an Equal Opportunities employer and values diversity among employees.



All clients participate in every decision relating to their care and are given the opportunity to live the lifestyle of their own choice as far as is humanly possible. We also ensure that every client has the opportunity to establish, control and regularly develop and update their own personal Care Plan. We aim to help clients exercise the opportunity to select from a range of options in all aspects of their lives by providing meals which enable them, as far as possible, to decide for themselves when, where and with whom they consume food and drink of their choice, by respecting individual behaviour in clients, and by retaining maximum flexibility in the routines of their daily life.


Fulfillment and Personal Growth

We want to help our clients to realize personal aspirations and abilities in all aspects of their lives. We seek to assist this by informing ourselves as fully as each client wishes about their individual histories and characteristics, and by responding appropriately to the personal, intellectual, artistic and spiritual values and practices of every client. We always respect our clients’ religious, ethnic and cultural diversity, listen and attend promptly to any clients’ desire to communicate at whatever level, and help them to make new liasons whilst maintaining existing ones.