Harrogate Care at Home Services

Harrogate Care at Home aims above all else to provide a caring and reliable home care service in order to make life easier for our clients. Our services are client-centred and tailored to individual needs. We also provide respite care, convalescent care, care for people with dementia and end of life care.

Potential clients will have their needs thoroughly assessed, and will be provided with detailed information on which to make an informed decision about their future care. Service will then be based on an agreed and regularly reviewed Care Plan, which sets out the objectives of the care and how we hope to achieve those objectives.

Our home care services include:


Personal Care

  • Getting out of and into bed
  • Washing/bathing/showering
  • Getting dressed/undressed
  • Managing continence
  • Skin and hair care
  • Assisting with medication


  • Menu planning
  • Preparation of meals and drinks
  • Shopping, writing shopping lists, accompanying on shopping trips
  • Paying bills/collecting pensions/helping with personal budgets
  • Making or changing beds, assistance with laundry and ironing
  • Cleaning
  • Washing dishes

Social care

  • Assisting with maintaining social contact
  • Assisting in making appointments
  • Assisting with attending clubs/day care centres and helping with hobbies and interests
  • Assisting with attending medical appointments
  • Providing companionship – being there to talk and listen

Expanding our services

We keep under review the range of services we provide and this may change in the light of variations in levels of needs, changes in the practice of local author

1. Phone our office on 01423 538886 or email us at suejudge@harrogatecareathome.co.ukities and other social policy developments.
Along with the increase in palliative care being provided, we now offer a ‘sleep-in’ service. This can be particularly beneficial during a period of convalescence or to help cope with hospital discharge.
Our promise to be as flexible as possible has led us to take pets to the vet, to organize plumbers and decorators and to fulfill a dream of visiting Ripon cathedral again. Sometimes the requests are unusual, and outside our normal working practice, but we will always do our best to help.
You can arrange care in 4 easy steps:

2. Attend an informal meeting where we can discuss your care requirements.

3. We will visit you in your home to share our suggestions for a care package that would be tailored to your individual needs.

4. We prepare a written proposal that clearly outlines your proposed Care Plan and includes costs, terms and conditions, and a starting date. At this point you can decide whether or not to use our services.


Our services are available every day, and full details of the pricing structure can be obtained from the Home Care Manager, Sue Judge, at Harrogate Care at Home, TEL: 01423 538886.