strip trees of their nuts

I feel like im in a tough position. Others and myself do feel like one team is getting an unfair advantage by getting these questionable trades that I’m not sure I can say 100% is total collusion. What do you think I should do as punishment? This is one of those cases where it’s pretty obvious something fishy is going on but I can’t say exactly..

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13 points submitted 11 months agoI think people definition of “blatantly cheating” is skewed. Blatant is spinbotting or trig botting. This “he always seems to know where I am” mentality doesn account for the 10 angles the guy clears before he finds you.

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Above the heads of gators and other ground dwelling creatures, arboreal squirrels face their own set of problems. High speed hurricane winds are liable to strip trees of their nuts, imperiling the mammals’ food supply. Furthermore, powerful storms blow baby squirrels out of their parents’ tree based nests.

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Only 1 ball joint per side on mcphearson), so if you do just one component at a time, you end up in the shop more often and paying more in total to do each individual repair as it comes up. It looks like it has gotten better since the emissions scandal broke, but prior to that there were multiple class action lawsuits since they refused to take responsibility for faults on their vehicles.Oil consumption issues, sunroof tubes ruining vehicle interiors, the 1.8t engine alone was involved in 3 different suits. One for oil sludge, one for the timing belt jumping and i can remember if the last was for the turbo or the transmission that was typically attached to it.

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