I never cared much for the EU

Imagine we are in a Sale, sitting in a driveway on some old table. You buy us is. Think of it more as if we were a valuable, rare antique piece of furniture. Put it in writing. Before ending the meeting, fill out the written form that memorializes the discussion. Have the employee sign it and do not forget to also get the human resources department representative’s signature.

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That seriously amazing. I have yet to find a single 100% IV. I did manage to find about 10 shinies this weekend but all of them are under 50% so I struggling to see the point. Only a few weeks before the film release did Lucas change the title back to Return of the Jedi. In interviews, Lucas said that the reason for the change is that a Jedi wouldn seek revenge. There are many though, who speculate that George Lucas had planned to call the film Return of the Jedi all along, and only used “Revenge” as a means to throw off merchandise counterfeiters.

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