Community Bank of the Chesapeake has taken to social media

Community Bank of the Chesapeake has taken to social media to raise awareness of 12 deserving local organizations that do inspiring things for the community. The bank is featuring one per day over a 12 day period, which started Dec. 6 and runs through Dec.

led display “As you get three or four generations away from the farm, kids can go to the store and have no idea food comes out of the ground,” she said. “They had no idea a potato comes out of the ground to their table. A carrot actually grew to come to your table.”. led display

Mini Led Display In the meantime, Jurgen Klopp’s side had endured a terrible 2017, winning just one of their eight games and that was against League Two Plymouth. It’s easy to point to Sadio Mane’s absence as the cause, but come on: they’d failed to beat Sunderland, Plymouth, Southampton (twice), Swansea and Wolves, with only a draw at Old Trafford to provide comfort. With or without a key player, that’s a dismal record for a side that were spoken of as title challengers just weeks prior.. Mini Led Display

hd led display Long Beach resident David Hensley stands in front of a display of the entire collection of the magazine ONE, the nation’s first national gay magazine, which ran from 1953 to 1967, at the ONE Archives at UCS Libraries, the world’s largest repository of LGBT historical material. Hensley, who volunteers weekly at ONE, is one of six Long Beach LGBT leaders will will be inducted into the Harvey Milk Park Equality Plaza. Photo courtesy of ONE Archives at USC Libraries. hd led display

indoor led display We are fifteen years into this new century. Fifteen years that dawned with terror touching our shores; that unfolded with a new generation fighting two long and costly wars; that saw a vicious recession spread across our nation and the world. It has been, and still is, a hard time for many.. indoor led display

I found her completely modest. Of course I wanted to talk about her work and also tell her how grateful I was for the inspiration she offered to me. But she didn’t want to talk about that. Smith, who served in the Navy, said, “The Kenneth D. Bailey was the last ship I was on from 1968 to 1970.” In an interesting twist, Smith, who is a genealogy buff, said he recently discovered he is Bailey’s cousin, which he did not realize while he served on the ship. He, Pederson and Tarrant also are cousins..

led billboard “For us at Restoration, you’re going to see the Center for Arts and Culture go through a small led display paradigm shift. And that paradigm shift is that we are not just doing community art. We are doing world class art for community,” said center executive director Indira Etwaroo, about the art institution, Restorations 50th anniversary and the scope of the Brooklyn is Africa exhibit.. led billboard

led screen How do we keep the display from rolling over? Let’s say we have a frequency of 1,234Hz that we want to measure. If we counted for one second, the display would show 234 since it would roll over once. That’s no good. Routhier also abolished the period of meditation. This has existed for many years under the form of prayer at the time of former mayor Bosco Bourcier, and later in the form of medfitation in the Sergio Pavone and Nathalie Simon eras. It isn necessary, Routhier declared at the beginning of the November 20 meeting. led screen

4k led display Smart oven has witnessed positive response by the customers, owing to its augmented technology and connectivity characteristics. A smart oven can be connected easily through Wi Fi, NFC or Bluetooth technologies to other smart kitchen appliances such as smart refrigerators, chimneys and others. It can be connected to many other devices in the kitchen and to devices in other rooms such as room lights, media players, sensors and others. 4k led display

outdoor led display “You have to put the work in,” said Grant, who recently completed his first year as head coach with the Virginia Storm, the team that prior to 2016 17 played its games in Winchester as the Winchester Storm but now plays in Purcellville. “I can remember my first year in the NBA, we were playing a preseason game down in Richmond, and Charles Barkley was with the Sixers at the time. We lined up on the free throw line, and then one of my bigger guys said, ‘Let me take your place.’ I went on the other side, and then Charles followed me [to] the other side outdoor led display.