This is not the reality I am telling myself is true! I put the

Please tell me what can even come close to matching arty, the only thing i can think of are stupid champs like yasou and akali cheap jerseys, but you can also ban those champs in your game.The anti arty crowd will never be satisfied until arty is removed from the game, because that is the only possible way they could fix arty. You are trying to say arty now is okay because they nerfed it from when it used to be actually braindead retarded to only moderate levels of braindead retarded, but its still retarded and completely unfair and unbalanced.As for your skill, you are still an average player, but you also dont really play tier 10 battles, where you can truely feel how bullshit and unfair arty is. I still stand by my point that if only retards and bad players in this game defend arty, which is still true..

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People are intimidated to get into Legacy, but there are plenty of very fine options that will probably cost you less than 300$ total if you are already a modern player. And 300$ total if you aren and are ok with a budget build that could still win. Esper control, atarka red, G/x devotion, U/W heroic, jeskai tempo, sultai/abzan whip they were all comfortably T2, occasionally jumping into t1 depending on what the meta looked like (for example, temur ascendancy was the best deck for a weekend because it could destroy G/W)..

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