But the court, while affirming the decree, directs some

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cheap jerseys In my judgment, the decree below should have been affirmed without qualification. But the court, while affirming the decree, directs some modifications in respect of what it characterizes as ‘minor matters.’ It is to be apprehended that those modifications may prove to be mischievous. In saying this cheap jerseys, I have particularly in view the statement in the opinion that ‘it does not necessarily follow because an illegal restraint of trade or an attempt to monopolize or a monopolization resulted from the combination and the transfer of the stocks of the subsidiary corporations to the New Jersey corporation that a like restraint of trade or attempt to monopolize or monopolization would necessarily arise from agreements between one or more of the subsidiary corporations after the transfer of the stock by the New Jersey corporation.’ Taking this language, in connection with other parts of the opinion, the subsidiary companies are thus, in effect, informed unwisely, I think that although the New Jersey corporation, being and illegal combination, must go out of existence, they may join in an agreement to restrain commerce among the states if such restraint be not ‘undue.’. cheap jerseys

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