The most notable was this spring

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Jacobs; Kira M. Jaeger; Jennifer L. James; Chelsea C. Potter; Tina M. Redmond; Michelle R. Robbins; Maria L.

Dinis Almeida, a leading radical in the armed forces, and then offered no resis tance to a loyalist tank co lumn. An officer of the pro Com munist military police regi ment in Lisbon said one of their men was killed when the police fired on loyal comman do, units from the barracks, near the presidential palace, and the commandos returned the fire. DEXTRAZE men needed Forces increase sought Barring a relapse, Sarge, a police dog with the Vancouver department, will lave to retire with honor and become the personal pet of his handler, Constable Tom Carroll.

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For Sale Expedited 4 storey building on a dunam of land in the area of ??Shafa Badran Lands Mrouj Al-Muhmar Basin No. 9 plot No. 51
Building Ground floor only and the rest is modern
First and second floor finishing full and third and fourth floor bone
First floor apartment apartment area of ??405 m Second floor two apartments 210 180
Third floor 3 apartments 145 145 115
Fourth floor 3 Apartments 145 145 115
With a water well 9 * 5 * 4 in the most beautiful areas of Shwebadran away from the main street 50 m
close to all services
Please do not enter the intermediaries directly from the owner
Only serious communication on your own

????? Aqar-Estate Price is required for full construction 420 thousand
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