The government could not collect taxes

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replica celine handbags However, the last thing anyone wanted at this point was a powerful national government; that was seen as a stepping stone to another British style tyranny. This was nearly the nation’s undoing. The government could not collect taxes, which meant that it had to raise money by asking the states politely; consequently it had barely enough money to perform the basic functions of government (and sometimes not even that). It also couldn’t coerce states or regulate commerce, which often led to conflict between the states putting up tariffs between each other , resulting in hardship in all states. (Most scholars say this more than anything else made it necessary a good portion of the Constitution is written to make interstate tariffs impossible.) The final straw for the Articles of Confederation was Shays’ Rebellion in western Massachusetts in 1786 87, which had to be put down by state militia due to the ineffectual response by the national government replica celine handbags.