Mackenzie shoots Kradius to give Kenyon closure and it is only

After all, he is Cu Chulainn. Saber is compared to a lion multiple times, including getting a lion themed kiddy ride as a race car. Animation Bump: Parodied. In the first episode of Taiga Dojo, she realizes her segment is fully animated and so blows the budget on her Super Deformed antics, while Ilya protests. Ascended Extra: Hibiki and Chikagi going from website only characters to getting a special episode dedicated to them, complete with Promotion to Opening Titles. Ascended Meme: Fans often joked that the major difference between Saber and Saber Alter was that the latter didn’t have her Ahoge and that she could probably will the transformation just by pulling it off, which was the plot of at least one doujinshi and hermes belts cheap a joke in Fate/hollow ataraxia.

Hermes Replica Handbags Tom Waits’ poem “What’s He Building In There?” is the musings of a man who believes a neighbor is up to no good because of little facts like not waving as he passes by and escalating to weird things (which the narrator may be making up) like swearing he heard someone moaning inside of the neighbor’s house. What really drives it home is despite how old, advanced, and wise they are, and how often the Doctor has pulled their fat out of the fire, they keep finding reasons to piss him off. The Series 9 penultimate episode Heaven Sent. where the Time Lords ( fresh off escaping back into proper reality, their survival and return only possible because of the decisions of the Doctor, at that), afraid of a prophecy of a being called ‘The Hybrid’, and believing the Doctor knows what it is, proceed to (instead of say, contacting the Doctor and asking him) put a scenario into action that not only leads to the inadvertent death of his companion Clara, but sticks the Doctor into a pocket reality trap that he can only escape if he confesses what the Hybrid is, or he can die and take the secret to the grave with him. The Doctor refuses, believing the knowledge is far too dangerous to be shared, and instead takes a third option by using the time resetting nature of the trap to spend FOUR BILLION YEARS breaking out of it., and when he gets out he’s PISSED. How pissed? Bring down the government, willing to break the universe to undo what the Time Lords did, pissed. Hermes Replica Handbags

Hermes Birkin Replica Late to the Tragedy: In “Freaking Out”, Shiromori shows up at the cave where it all went down only to find that everyone involved is long gone, one way or another. Lyrical Dissonance: Despite the seemingly wacky Scooby Doo parody overtones, “Ghost” quickly becomes more and more suited to the lyrics, especially since it represents one of the main characters, who even practically speaks one of the lines. Mickey Mousing: Everything in the videos move along to the music. This is a Shout Out to MysteryBen’s earlier “Rhythm Heaven” work in which characters also “Mickey Mouse” along with the music. Hermes Birkin Replica

Hermes Belt Replica In the Mackenzie Calhoun instalment of the Captain’s Table series, we find out why Captain Calhoun decked an Admiral and resigned (temporarily) from Starfleet. While Mackenzie was still First Officer of the USS Grissom, his Captain’s brother and niece came aboard as ambassadors to try and negotiate a peace between two planetary governments. Even when threatened with being instantly killed if they beamed down to the warmongering planet, they still did so. One missed hourly check later, and two mutilated corpses are beamed back to the ship, while Kradius, leader of the planet, calls the ship to gloat. Captain Norman Kenyon has a breakdown, but hides it almost perfectly due to his massive popularity among and loyalty from the crew. Mackenzie is pretty much the only person who notices something amiss, but decides not to confront his Captain, as a First Officer’s job is to support his Captain. After contacting HQ for further orders, they upgrade the weapons of the main butt monkeys for Kradius’ planet so that they have a chance to actually defend themselves, then warp off. Two months later they come back, because Starfleet is concerned about the military buildup in the sector. Kradius’ planet’s victims have all banded together to wipe out Kradius and his people, and the USS Grissom is invited to take part. Mackenzie realises that he’s been fooled, there were no orders to upgrade the locals’ weapons, and Capt Kenyon is here for revenge. Due to his popularity, Kenyon is able to charge Mackenzie with mutiny, and it is only after the alliance fleet is victorious does anyone admit that the Captain has lost it and Mackenzie isn’t a mutineer. Mackenzie beams down and tries to talk Kenyon out of executing Kradius, but Kenyon has lost his mind with grief over the death of his brother and niece, and cannot have peace until Kradius is dead. Mackenzie shoots Kradius to give Kenyon closure and it is only when the corpse falls down does anyone realise that Kradius had palmed a phaser and was about to shoot Kenyon. Everyone thinks Mackenzie is a hero for shooting so quickly, but Mackenzie can only see it as the culmination of his greatest failure, for not intervening sooner. The investigatory panel exonerates him, so he decks the presiding Admiral, previously one of his greatest supporters, and resigns Hermes Belt Replica.