And your task is to spot the fake ones in this quiz

If we want to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with fast food, Dunkin’ Donuts just released Mint Oreo and Mint Oreo Creme donuts. It’s also that time of year again: Lent. In February 1717, when he reached the age of seven, he was taken from his governess Madame Ventadour and placed in the care of Francois de Villeroy, the seventy three year Duke and Marechal de France, named as his governor in Louis XIV’s will of August 1714. Villeroy instructed the young King in court etiquette, taught him how to review a regiment, and how to receive royal visitors.[9] His guests included the Russian Czar Peter the Great in 1717; contrary to ordinary protocol, the two meter tall Czar picked up Louis and kissed him. Louis also learned the skills of horseback riding and hunting, which became the great passion of the young King.[10] In 1720, following the example of Louis XIV, Villeroy had the young Louis dance in public in two ballets at the Tuileries Palace on February 24, 1720, and again in The Ballet des Elements on December 31, 1721.[11] The shy Louis evidently did not enjoy the experience; he never danced in another ballet.[12].

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