Here an even more depressing thought: I very well could be

Sessions’ support for asset forfeiture is in keeping with his tough on crime agenda and aligns with his oft stated view that the Justice Department’s top priority should be helping local law enforcement fight violent crime. Police departments use the seizures for expenses, and some agencies felt Holder’s restrictions left them without a critical funding source.

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Also, Rishma Abdul Rahman, Layla Amirah Reaves, Samantha N. Remines, Brandy Nicole Richardson, Tyler Jordan Ricks, Antionette Marie Ross, Kayla Anne Rowley, Kayla D. May 31, 2012By Scott Calvert, The Baltimore SunIn a career spanning three decades, forensic psychiatrist Steven Hoge has evaluated just a handful of people implicated in acts of cannibalism. It’s exceedingly rare behavior, he says, and clear answers are often elusive when it does occur.”I understand people are looking for an explanation, but there are some things that don’t have any explanations,” said Hoge, who directs the Columbia Cornell Forensic Psychiatry Fellowship Program in New York.Hoge said he could not comment on the case of 21 year old Alexander Kinyua, charged with first degree murder in the killing of a man who was staying in Kinyua’s family’s Joppa home.

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