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Also, the masquerade ball has dozens of extras dressed outlandishly. Creepy Mortician: The undertaker in the village who greets Van Helsing. Cross Melting Aura: Dracula can melt crosses that he touches. Screw This, I’m Outta Here!: In this video, Harry promptly leaves the room after his opponent takes out Harry’s Man of the Match Messi. Sixth Ranger: Harry is this to the Ultimate Sidemen. He’s the group’s only non founding member as he joined in 2014, lives with two non Sidemen YouTubers (Calfreezy and Callux), and ironically is the least involved in the group’s videos.

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Fake Designer Bags They had to be returned after filming (this is why the car that is crashed is a Camaro), repainted (white wasn’t available on Challengers then), and sold to unsuspecting customers. Chrysler also supplied the police cars (all Dodges and Plymouths), and a new Imperial LeBaron. Every Car Is a Pinto: The Camaro at the end, standing in for the Challenger, was loaded with dynamite to explode when it crashes into the police barricade. Fake Designer Bags

He sometimes also jumps rope (very quickly, like a boxer during his training regimen). If he’s idle while the clock is ticking down after pressing the level switch, he starts panicking by flailing his arms and nervously running in place. Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Wario, suprisingly.

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replica Purse The end of the episode features the teacher’s actual wedding.In the manga and live action show, Usagi and Mamoru end up having a Western wedding, complete with a Catholic church.In the R series, Mamoru’s Bad Dreams about Usagi dying if they get together include a Western wedding that ends up in disaster.The early Magical Girl show Wedding Peach features heroines who fight in Western wedding gowns. The series is centered around wedding themes, and includes lots of information about Japanese weddings. The Magical Girls also perform the oiro naoshi to change into more traditional magical girl costumes halfway through most battles.Love Hina:Although it has not yet been animated, the manga ends with Keitaro and Naru’s Western style wedding. replica Purse

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