Achievements in Ignorance: Beret Guy does this a lot

And then Caesar finds a letter from him telling him he knew the statue was a fake all along, and he actually treasured it more than the original because it was Caesar’s own handiwork, and he threw a shitfit. Just ’cause. Come to think of it, scratch the “Facade” part off Count’s a bona fide Jerk Ass.

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All Girls Want Bad Boys: Dolly has a crush on Sterk, who is known to casually murder people who disagree with him. All Loving Hero: The narrative’s portrayal of the vegans is supposed to be this, especially Brie, Mike, and Legua, who are often cited as being the most compassionate and loving of the protagonists. However, any reader who isn’t already in agreement with the comic’s message is likely to conclude that their so called kindness is restricted to people who agree with them and animal species that are widely farmed for food.

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I believe having defined the problem, and finding out I can get through them and they will pass will give me a much better handle on completing the day clean and serene. My Mom and my Aunt both have suffered for the longest time with them and there was a dark time in my life where I would wake up in the middle of the night and so scared, with my heart beating fast. I remember just trying to breath deeply in and out and like you said, it only lasted for a few minutes, but felt like forever.