Dealers were given six months to clear their existing stock;

replica hermes If found selling a plastic bag, suppliers like Mwagangi risk a jail term of up to four years or a fine of $38,000 or both. Dealers were given six months to clear their existing stock; that period is now over, and so is Mwagangi’s business.”I sell plastic bags because it’s my only source of income,” Mwagangi tells CNN. “I will not have anything to sell unless manufacturers give alternative bags for people like me to continue working.”Third time lucky?This isn’t the first time the country has tried to tackle the issue of plastic bags.In 2007, Replica Hermes birkin Kenya tried to discourage their use by limiting the thickness of plastic bags, ordering manufacturers and importers to only sell bags with more than 30 microns. Four years later, they tried again by banning plastic bags less than 60 microns, which were considered more recycle friendly.Both plans failed.Competition launched to keep plastic out of the oceans”This fell into technical hitches as it was hard for common citizens to differentiate the papers in terms of microns contained in a given plastic paper bags. As a result, the enforcement was hard to sustain,” says Evans Nyabuto, a NEMA spokesman. replica hermes

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