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The dominant shareholders, descendants of the founder, Thierry Herms, have strongly resisted Mr. Arnault’s approach. LVMH announced in the autumn that it had used derivatives contracts to build a stake of more than 17 percent in Herms. He’s a Jerk with a Heart of Gold, despite his insistence he’s a plain Jerkass. It’s his Incorruptible Pure Pureness that allows him to resist the genie’s magic. Gosh Dang It to Heck!: Ferd, Eddie’s brother in law in the second book, constantly delivers speeches that would qualify as Cluster F Bombs if he didn’t replace said F bombs with really weird nonsense words beginning with “f”.

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Glass Cannon: The K was designed as a high speed assault model, capable of incredible speeds but possessing rather thin armor as a result. Demonstrated rather viscerally when it plows through an entire MS team while staying mobile, but gets shredded like tinfoil when it tries to engage the Alex in melee combat. The Hygoggs most of the Cyclops team use in the first episode also demonstrate this, with Garcia in particular managing to quickly slide in close to two enemy mobile suits, grab one as a shield and shoot through it to hit the other, but then Andy stands out of cover trying to launch a missile at the shuttle they came after and takes a bullet through the cockpit for his trouble.

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