“V festival is no more! So many good memories,” added a third

Valentino Handbags $12. 773 489 3160. I have so many memories to cherish from the mind blowing performances to spending quality time at the festival with both Holly and Sam, who it’s no surprise are both music lovers after spending so much time dancing at V.””We’re really excited about the future ahead and can’t wait to share our plans with music lovers across the globe.”(Image: Getty Images Europe)News that the festival, which has been opening its doors to revellers since 1996, was coming to a close was met with widespread anger when the notice came on Monday.Music fans flocked to Twitter to share their grief, hailing it the ‘end of an era’ following countless summers of al afresco entertainment.”RIP you will live on forever. Can’t believe it,” shared one fan.”OMG it’s the end of an era,” cried another.”V festival is no more! So many good memories,” added a third.The festival was renowned for attracting a wide range of artists from pop, grim and even rap and for pulling in big name celebrity guests.With V Festival as we know it now axed, music lovers will be in search of the next big summer festival to start looking forward to.. Valentino Handbags

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