Be warned, however, that you can’t just load the card with

(WPRI) have determined that recent robberies in four local communities were conducted by the same two suspects. When police saw his vehicle. Miguel Gonzalez, 19, of Stoughton will be arraigned in Taunton District Court Friday morning for charges of armed robbery, larceny over $250. You simply plop different types of booze into the canisters, tell the machine what drink you want, and voila! Enjoy your perfectly mixed Long Slow Comfortable Screw Against the Wall. You load up a card with Pour My Beer Funbucks, swipe it, and the tap subtracts however much you dispensed into your funnel. Be warned, however, that you can’t just load the card with $50,000 and be set for, like, two weeks you can only charge enough credit for two beverages at a time because of a little thing called “making sure the human race doesn’t go extinct by next year.””Estimated hangover level: tree trunk through the forehead.”.

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